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Rules & Regulations OLD

Condominium Documents

Resolution to Enforce All of the Restrictions and Provisions Within the Association’s Governing Documents

Recorded Declaration of Condominium

Amendment to Recorded Declaration of Condominium

Articles of Incorporation


Moving/Delivery Form

Contractor Notification

Guest Notification Form

Rental Application Forms

Membership Application

Modification of Unit

Brevard County Occupancy Tax Information

House Rules, Policies & Procedures


Set of Updated Articles and Procedures Only


House Rules Cover Page 1

House Rules Cover Page 2

House Rules Table of Content

Article 1 – 4

Article 5

Articles 6-7

Article 8

Article 9

Article 10

Article 11

Article 12-15

Procedures Table of Content and Reference

Procedure 1 Establishment of Procedures

Procedure 2 Official Meetings

Procedure 3 Offical Records

Procedure 4 Delinquent Accounts

Procedure 5 Vehicles and Parking

Procedure 6 Unit Entrance Door

Procedure 7 Removal of Carpeting and Tile from Finished Balconies

Procedure 8 User of Garages

Procedure 9 Tennis Courts

Procedure 10 Approval of Rental Contracts

Procedure 11 Annual Meeting/Election

Procedure 12 Sealed Bid Procedure

Procedure 13 Employee Evaluation and Annual Pay Raises

Procedure 14 Employee Working Hours

Procedure 15 Maintenance of Limited Common Elements

Procedure 16 Owner’s Right to Collect Damages

Procedure 17 Unruly Residents as it Pertains to Rentals

Procedure 18 Emergency Procedures and Security Surveillance

Procedure 19 Hurricane Shutters

Procedure 20 Owner’s Responsibility for Contractor Work in Unit

Procedure 21 Standing Committees

Procedure 22 Construction of Storage Facilities in E and H Garages 

Procedure 23 Annual Condominium Budget  Development

Procedure 24 Owner Request Re: Changes to Condo and/or Limited Common Areas

Procedure 25 Common Element Damage Deposit

Procedure 26 Access to Property by Prospective Buyers

Procedure 27 Pool Hours and Temperature Control

Procedure 28 Violation of House Rules, Administative Action

Procedure 29 Progressive Discipline/Code of Conduct

Procedure 30 Hurricane Evacuation

Procedure 31 Orientation Program for New Board Members

Procedure 32 Stairwells, A/C Rooms and Balconies

Procedure 33 Stonewood Club

Procedure 34 Recreation Building Facilties

Procedure 35 Reserving the Banquet Room

Procedure 36 Unit Plumbing Safety Inspection

Procedure 37 Posting Conditions in Unit Sales

Procedure 38 Installation and Security A/C Units

Procedure 39 Signature Authority for Checks Written

Procedure 40 Hurricane Shutters – Protection for Units from Water and Wind Damage

Procedure 41 Voting Procedures for Other Than Board Members

Procedure 42 Financial Admin and Annual Budget Development

Procedure 43 Dunes and Plant Trimming

Procedure 44 Use of AC Access Rooms

Procedure 45 No Call Required List

Procedure 46 Estoppel Fees 

Procedure 47 Attorney Contract Consultation

Updated Procedures & Policies

Article II Organization

Article III Amenity Access Devices

Article IV Responsibility and Use Restrictions of Units

Article V General

Article V Refuse

Article VII Vehicles and Parking 

Article VIII Animals

Article IX Swimming Pool and Hot Tub Areas

Article X Recreational Building

Procedure 4 Delinquent Accounts

Procedure 7 Removal of Carpeting and Tile from Finished Balconies 

Procedure 9 Tennis Courts

Procedure 30 Hurricane Evacuation

Procedure 35 Reserving the Banquet Room

Procedure 44 Use of A/C Access Room